Homeless man hides his problems by drinking and sometimes picks up girls in NYC.

I think that this video is striking a chord with people and they focus on his ability to pick up women but for me I can’t shake his obvious unhappiness.

That being said I found him to be interesting and I watched the whole video without pausing. 

The dude in the sunglasses though clearly checks himself out in the mirror 4x before leaving his apartment and never misses the opportunity to tell you about his Saturday night. 


Reminder: an NFL player had his wife assassinated by a hitman some years ago and the media (mostly) covered it like this sordid thing that happened to a generally successful person, not as a pressing concern about the character of the National Football League (also the public was generally OK with that at the time) 

You know that guy gets out of jail in 4 years, right?

ah shit, this thing here?
it say “the jiminiest”

ah shit, this thing here?

it say “the jiminiest”


Going for walks is arguably Saz’s favorite thing to do, so he’ll often look up to check to make sure you’re enjoying it just as much as he is.

i dont care if “dogs checking to make sure you’re having as much fun as they are on a walk” is the world’s slowest-developing meme. it is also the one that we all deserve, regardless of timeframe.

can we talk about Juice Press’ locations page?

can we talk about Juice Press’ locations page?

this gif is a nightmare factory

this gif is a nightmare factory

never forget

Camping - Directed by Christopher Nolan

SOI Removal

this link, provided by Apple, unsubscribes you from U2’s probably shitty new album, Songs Of Innocence.

Guys, if you do one thing today, make sure you take a second and make our voices heard. Sign this petition. Make sure that free U2 albums never happen again.

Other helpful links:

List of Senators with email addresses and phone numbers, to contact

Reading LIst:

Slate.com | “Why U2’s ‘Free’ Album Is American’s First Post-Ferguson Important News Story”

Upworthy | A Bunch Of White People Checked Their Cloud Available Downloads And Couldn’t Believe What They Found

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