Tiny Detective (parody of True Detective) is worth watching for the face penis line.

That descriptor definitely made you watch right?

YouTube Star Sam Pepper Accused Of Soliciting Nude Photos From A Minor, Groping Female Fans

Step 1. Make terribly distasteful video where you sexually assault women on the street as a ‘prank’

Step 2. Let internet outrage come to a boil

Step 3. Days later, claim that it was all part of some elaborate PSA about sexual assault, and that all of the participants in the video were actually consensual.

Step 4. Let people realize that no, that’s not actually very true.

Step 5. Let other woman come forward with stories of you sexually assaulting them or soliciting photographs of them when they were minors.

Sam Pepper, you are a garbage person.

You are king of the garbage people, sitting on your throne of garbage. Forever shall you reign.

it’s been hard for me to stop watching this video.






i love dogs so much that it hurts


only .00005% of tumblr will laugh at this.
still worth it.

only .00005% of tumblr will laugh at this.

still worth it.

Yo but freal this newscaster who quit her job at a local news station by saying “fuck it” and then used the publicity to share very important Weedpinions in the same tired newscasting voice is one of my least favorite people of 2014.

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for your total lack of enjoyment, another gem from the sound effects library:


Dodgers Fan?

I am heading to LA tomorrow and I am doing a video about Yasiel Puig. 

Are any of you Dodgers fans? Where do you watch games? Do you want to be on camera? 


The name’s James Bond. James Bond.