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Great thanks for the support and love of all our followers on tumblr.

Tumblr is really a cool place for the whole humankind, while 9GAG ( is born SOLELY for the FUNNY ones (or those who want fun).

9GAG does not create any funny pics/videos by itself - it’s neither CollegeHumor nor Funny or Die, ALL contents on 9GAG are created and shared by the fun-aholic community. (Check out this!) It’s the best place where fun creators and bored people meet.

9GAG redefines the internet of fun.

Unlike ordinary fun sites which are full of disturbing ads, 9GAG aims at spreading happiness to the world in an elegant way. If icanhascheezburger or I-Am-Bored are your home for fun and it’s something you really enjoy, we’re all for that.

Check out now and have some fun!


9GAG Team

I love how 9gag claims that the pictures are made/posted by their “FUN-AHOLIC” community (who writes your copy, bro?) yet if you go to their site it’s pretty clear that 90% of the content is stolen from Reddit. You will not find a link to the Reddit thread. See an xkcd comic you like? You can link 9gag. You can’t link your friends to xkcd unless you go to that site and dig for the comic you’re looking for.

I think the funniest thing about this blog/post existing is that they are posting it within the community that is everything they claim to be, though I would never be caught dead referring to myself as a “fun-aholic.” It’s a good thing that 9gag doesn’t “redefine the internet of fun” (why did they blockquote that?) or else there would be much less fun to go around. In fact, I followed 9gag until the day I realized how un-fun it actually is.

Only you can prevent forest fires and content curation that discourages content creation.

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    THANK YOU! That exactly proved my point. Oh I just wish I could slap this post to that person!
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    Ron, create a licence that allows commercial use with credit, and post all Herochan stuff under that (making sure you’re...
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    I love how 9gag claims that the pictures are made/posted by their “FUN-AHOLIC” community (who writes your copy, bro?)...
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    Daily What credits WAY more than most. 9gag never attributes. It’s just ridiculous.
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    I totally agree, and I’m not really sure why I’ve put up with them for so long. Unfollowing aaaaaand…done.
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    Spreading the love is always wonderful :3
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    Yeah. Why not credit the person/people who made the stuff you like/you want on your blog. That’s the way people get to...

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