Are Republicans Even on the Internet?

I’ve never seen it. 

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  1. jenferlee answered: You can find them all here www.foxn…
  2. drawnmonsters answered: no
  3. remembertheumbrellas answered: they are on web MD for sure.
  4. somethingrelevantandwitty answered: they’re mostly old people, people with so much money they have more expensive uses for their time or both
  5. amelioratingmortality answered: Only on gay porn sites.
  6. esoterrorism answered: found em:…
  7. trilobiter answered: It’s hard to tell the earnest ones from the trolls, but they pop up from time to time in any case.
  8. gorejusgeorge answered: You’ve obviously never heard of #tcot
  9. en--route answered: I think Romney has a tumblr.
  10. perzadook answered: Christie’s isn’t terrible. Not great, but not total f-ing bullshit like Mittens:
  11. climateadaptation answered: is brilliant(ly devoid of research.)
  12. redrosesrain answered: they’re on facebook
  13. everythingaboutq answered: The internet is too progressive for them.
  14. sanjoesay answered: just check out the #tcot hashtag on twitter and you’ll learn the horror of republicans on the internet
  15. alinasuperjew answered: Romney has a tumblr. It makes me sad.
  16. cmalchemist answered: My grandmother doesn’t know how to work an Internet.
  17. constantelevation answered:…
  18. filleblanche answered: who did you think the Google search filters were for?
  19. themattsmith answered: MSN is crawling with them.
  20. ptolemy-doofus answered: We do not speak of them. o.o
  21. youthkween answered: I am tehe lol but my parents are
  22. imawesomenoyournotpeteohyeah answered: i am o_o
  23. lizlizbangbang answered: You aren’t friends with enough Texans on facebook, I see.
  24. aluminumapples answered: yes. ricksantorum-2012
  25. bestrooftalkever posted this

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