SEE GUYS, at least someone from Time Warner Cable Chat does.

  • Nick: i just don't know what else could be happening that would be accruing cost
  • Victor: Is that so? Then let me quickly check that for you.
  • Victor: Please allow me a few minutes while I check the bill for you.
  • Nick: no problem ill be here
  • Victor: Thank you.
  • Victor: I really appreciate your time and patience.
  • Nick: haha no worries man!
  • Nick: i came to you, remember?
  • Victor: I have checked the notes for our contact, but I did not find our last contact. Could you please tell when was the last time we get connected?
  • Nick: huh?
  • Nick: no no
  • Nick: hahaha
  • Nick: im saying, i can wait because i came to you for help
  • Nick: just now
  • Nick: of course I can wait
  • Victor: Ah. I see. I appreciate your sense of humor.

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